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HEALTHY PANDA-Organic Multigrain Dry fruit Baby Cereal (400G) + Oats & Nuts Baby Food (400g) Cereal  (800 g, Pack of 2, 6+ Months) - 100% Fresh & Natural

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At Healthy Panda, we are very particular about the ingredients we use while preparing instant food for babies. This - organic oats - Porridge- is prepared using 12 Natural ingredients. While formulating a perfect - oats for baby 1 year- we explore the actual health benifit the ingredients actually offer to your little one. The Oats & Nuts porridge contains - organic ots - blended with 6 different dryfruits, 3 millets & blend of spice and grains. The high fiber in - Oats powder - is high on fiber and nutrients, which is good for digestion and gentle on stomack. The nutrients in millets offer enough energy for the growth of your little ones. The major task is done by the blend of - Dryfruit Powder - which is a blend of Walnut, Almond, Cashew, Dry dates, Cardamom, Pumpkin seeds. The blend of - Dryfruit powder - helps in building a healthy immune system, Helps develop brain health, maintains healthy weight, helps kids in having a longer healthy life. The rich source of Protein, Fiber, magnesium, Phosperous in the Natural - baby food - is a big plus. At Healthy panda, we unsure the highest level of hygeine, freshness, and quality. Hence, we never get into mass production. Our - baby cereal mix - is always prepared in a small weekly fresh batch, so that the product you receive is not older than 10-15 days. We also give utmost care when it comes to packing. To ensure the porridge reaches you in perfect state, we use highest quality packing system, which has 3 layers of packing. Rest assured, the taste and quality of our porridge mix is soo good that, it is also used as - Porridge for adults - along with - Porridge for kids.

We all know that Milk is an excellent source of nutrition, that’s the reason it is consumed daily throughout the world. But in order to enhance taste of the milk, we use different types of Milk mix powders which are full of sugar, flavoring agents & preservatives. The only purpose they serve is taste. But instead of delivering the benefits of milk they do damage to our body like weight gain! Well then what’s the solution?

We understand the various problems associated with milk mix powders, hence we came up with Health mix grains which is prepared with 19 types of grains & nuts Powder which not only adds nutrition, but enhances the taste of Milk. All our Malts come with zero Sugar, zero Preservatives & 100% Health & 100% Energy. A glass of our Multigrain mixes will keep your babies full for long with energy, a perfect option for mums looking for, baby early foods / rice cerelac / baby cereal 12 month to 18 month / chuda powder for baby food

Key features : 

1. 100% Natural Ingredients
2. Rich Dry-fruit Mix
3. Sugar Free
4. Super saver Combo pack (800g)
5. Helps in Weight gain
6. Keeps full for long
7. Brain Booster
8. Easy to digest
9. Helps in Bone & Muscle growth
10. Freshly made every week

Material : Oats, Grains & Dryfruits

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Age Group 6 months +
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